Fuse-Kernel 3.10.108 For Android One 1st Gen [ABANDONED]

Written on February 16, 2018 by Samar Vispute



  • Upstremed to latest Linux Kernel 3.10.108
  • Oreo support added
  • ThunderCharge Fast Charge Driver (enabled by default)(AC and USB current increased to 1000mA)
  • Optimized SLUB
  • Added exFAT support
  • char: Add Frandom
  • Asynchronous Fsync: initial extraction of Async Fsync from
  • Enabled L2TP VPN Protocol and SLIP TCP/IP Protocol
  • Added exFat Filesystem support
  • Added advance TCP congestion algos like westwood, highspeed etc
  • Added WireGuard VPN support
  • Switched to Linaro 7.2.x toolchain
  • Wakelock blocker added
  • Cortex A7 optimisations
  • Added power suspend driver
  • Reduced vfs cache pressure to 20 from 100 for better battery
  • tick: don’t update idle time if cpu offline
  • writeback: increase bdi_min_ratio to 5 in light of the latest writeback commit
  • Increased Swappiness From 60 to 90
  • Kernel Compressed with XZ
  • power: wakeup: add wakelock toggles
  • ThunderSonic Sound Control Engine
  • WiFi Power management control
  • Full GPU control
  • DoubleTap2Wake and Sweep2Wake
  • Dynamic Fsync Control
  • Improved filesystem mounting flags - NOATIME and NODIRATIME
  • ThunderQuake Engine 1.0 - Vibration Intensity Controller for MTK vibrators
  • Huge update to kernel.org mainline 3.10.89
  • ThunderPlug CPU Hotplug replacement
  • init.d support
  • Automatic busybox installation
  • Disabled Gentle fair sleepers
  • Enabled arch power
  • Optimizations to SLUB memory allocator
  • Patches to block and mm to significantly improve ssd IO performance.
  • Dynamic entropy setting based on usage
  • Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
  • block: Added SIO IOScheduler
  • block: Add BFQ IOScheduler
  • block: Add fiops scheduler
  • cpufreq: ThunderX power saving CPU governor
  • fs: added Samsung’s F2FS support
  • Reduce logger device RAM allocation to 128K
  • Set MM Linux read ahead size to 256K
  • Patches from upstream to optimize memory writeback
  • Disabled CRC check in MMC for 30% extra performance with IO
  • Reduced VFS cache pressure for better battery
  • Optimized square root algorithm
  • Governors enabled: ondemand, interactive
  • Speedup /proc/net/unix interface access
  • Mali GPU cache Optimizations
  • Mali: Increase L2 cache max read size
  • Mali: Disable state tracking
  • Mali: Reduce GPU utilization timeout
  • Mali: increase kernel memory buffer size
  • Aggressive multicore power savings
  • ARM: Cortex A7 compiler optimizations
  • MTK: removed HUGE HUGE trail of stupid MTK kernel logging
  • ARM: Removed various debug traces
  • Added more features

Kernel info

  • Kernel - 3.10.xx
  • Chipset - MediaTek MT6582

Downloads & sources

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1) Boot into the latest TWRP recovery

2) Flash the Kernel’s zip

4) Reboot your device once the installation is done